Pitch Day 2019


April 10, 2019 - 12:00 PM-2:00 PM

Digital Health12:35-1:05Yair Saperstein, AvoMD (Columbia University)
Mican Meneses, MenoPal (Independent)
Sonia Gonzalez, StudentBody (CUNY)
Kurt Yaeger, MediGram (Mount Sinai)
Susannah Bailin, AdviceCoach (Independent)
Digital Health1:10-1:45Seth Goodman, SiteRx (Columbia Univeristy)
Mahmoud Morshedy, Immersive Shift Labs (University of Bridgeport)
Alauddin Bhuiyan, iHealthScreen (NYU)
Sunit Jariwala, ASTHMAXcel (Einstein)
Abbas Shojaee, MeAdvice (Yale)
Rotem Lev-Zwickel, Agamon (Independent)
1:45-2:00Closing Remarks

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