Philosophy of ABCT

ABCT's goal is to support the development of Connecticut's hub of bioscience innovation and commercialization. 

ABCT's program of education prepares Connecticut's academic and corporate spinouts, inventors and first time founders to be successful entrepreneurs. 
The ABCT Program is for ventures with an idea who need to expand beyond their current network and put together funding and teams to grow their ventures.
Our Values
  • We believe there is no entrepreneurship gene. Business can be taught.
  • We believe startups should consider global opportunities in collaboration with industry current scientific and business experts.
  • We believe entrepreneurs are strong trainers and coaches.
  • We believe a start up environment with minimal conflicts of interest maximizes venture stability and growth.
  • We believe a community of disparate start ups maximizes learning.
  • We believe committed entrepreneurs naturally find ways to collaborate.
  • We believe ventures in an ambitious focused community will take thoughtful risks and create new differentiated value quickly.
  • We believe free is the best price. The ABCT program is free to all invited participants.
We invite alums to return and give back. And they do. Lucky us.
We are honored to work with the high integrity, talented and generous leaders of tomorrow's Connecticut bioscience venture community.

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