Mike Catalano

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Atlantic Lab Equipment, Inc.

Mike is an executive with close to 30 years of product development, marketing, and business development experience in the life sciences with a proven ability to bring a complex and diverse products and services to market. Currently Head of Marketing and Business Development for Atlantic Lab Equipment, previously Head of Marketing and Business Development for Medicinal Genomics Corp. and Courtagen Life Sciences.

Mike has led product development and marketing programs to commercialize groundbreaking products in some of the most dynamic biotech markets of the past few decades, including biochips with Packard Bioscience/PerkinElmer, high-throughput screening and lab automation with Protedyne/LabCorp, next-generation sequencing with 454 Life Sciences/Roche Diagnostics, personalized medicine with Courtagen Life Sciences, and cannabis safety with Medicinal Genomics.

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