Denise Winokur


Strategic Healthcare Consulting

Dr. Winokur is a global healthcare consultant in the life sciences and healthcare industry. As principal of Strategic Healthcare Consulting, she started and grew a consulting practice providing industry expertise and solutions to biopharmaceuticals, specialty pharma, devices, and health services research.

Dr. Winokur has 20+ years of experience in Commercialization, Strategic Planning, Competitive Intelligence and end-to-end Product Life Cycle experience. Within industry, she has been involved in strategic development, product development prioritization, and launch of more than 10 products including several billion dollar brands; and, as an industry consultant to more than 15 corporations.

Dr. Winokur has taken Life Sciences products from inception to market to sunset.

Specific areas of expertise include:  Customer Experience/Insights, Market Landscape, Competitive Intelligence, Market Research, B2B\B2C Marketing, Product Launch, Project Management, Business Plan Development and New Business Development.

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