Connecticut’s Go-To Resource for Entrepreneurial Support

CTNext empowers the communities of Connecticut to shape their future.

We believe everyone has a unique lens and something to add to our broader community. Our role is to help people build the companies that will reshape Connecticut.

CT Next supports groundbreaking companies with the programs, partners, and ecosystems they need to thrive.

Our programs include:

Building the Innovation Ecosystem Innovation Places.

  • Innovation Places is a CTNext-run program created to enable hub communitiesacross the state to become top-tier destinations and magnets for entrepreneurs, talent, and high-growthcompanies. Through Innovation Places organizations in four key hubs – Hartford, New Haven, NewLondon/Groton, and Stamford, CTNext funds programs and initiatives to catalyze innovation, attracttalent, and build partnerships to enhance business and community development.
  • CTNext Mentor Network. CTNext oversees a mentoring network of experienced entrepreneurs,executives and investors to help accelerate the growth of Connecticut’s most promising early-stageventures.
  • Higher Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative. The Higher Education Innovation andEntrepreneurship Initiative strengthens innovation and entrepreneurship within Connecticut’s public andprivate higher education institutions while fostering collaboration and providing economic value toConnecticut. The program deploys $2 million each year for projects and initiatives.
  • Partners. CTNext partners are organizations that form an important part of the innovation ecosystem,providing services and assistance that help entrepreneurs learn and grow.

Direct Support to Companies

  • Entrepreneur Innovation Awards. The EIA is our Shark Tank-style pitching competition, held 3-4 timesper year. Promising startups that pitch to a panel of judges and a live audience can win a grant of up to$10,000 to fund R&D, proof-of-concept, prototyping and more.
  • Growth Company Grants. CTNext defines growth-stage companies as those that have beenincorporated for no more than 10 years, have raised private capital, and have seen a 20 percentincrease in annual gross revenues over the past three years. Selected companies use the funds forsales, marketing, strategy, organizational development, and more.
  • Small Business Innovation (SBIR) Acceleration and Commercialization Consultations. Our freetechnical consultations help entrepreneurs improve their chances of winning a federal SBIR/STTR grant.Additional support includes conference fee reimbursements, proposal accounting support, applicationreviews and strategy sessions.
  • Technology Talent Bridge. This internship grant program offers up to $25,000 to assist smalltechnology businesses to help bring undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students into theirorganizations.

CTNext’s vast network includes dozens of programs and resources that are just a few miles—or mouse clicks—away. In fact, our network is so vast that we can’t list them all here, but you’ll find them all at our Resource Wizard on ctnext.com. Simply click on the type of help you need and choose the best option.

To apply or learn more, go to ctnext.com.

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